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Bottled Gold

bottleFood and wine writer Myrna Robins tasted the new Le Chasseur oil and this is what she had to say:

“It’s really exciting how the quality of olive oil from the Western Cape just keeps climbing, and that the oils flowing from the Breede River valley today are posing real competition to those from more traditional regions like the Boland.

The maiden production of Le Chasseur is liquid green-gold, good enough to drink. Produced from a blend dominated by a cultivar graftedin Somerset West along with Frantoio and Coratina, the oil offers a fresh grassy  aroma which is confirmed on the palate, where freshly-mown grass is the first dominant taste, followed by an agreeable pepperiness in the long aftertaste. At present there is little nuttiness, but this may develop with age. The consistency is perfect – neither too thick nor too runny.

This is an oil to drizzle over cooked pasta and couscous, to dribble into sustaining soups like minestrone, and to use as the main ingredient in salad dressings of every kind. It will make the perfect base for pesto, hummous, tapenade and every other paste, dip, sauce and marinade that calls for fine olive oil. It will lift mayonnaise and aioli to new gastronomic heights.

Then there’s the fact that this delicious oil also contains health-giving mono- and polyunsaturated fats and the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E.  The former helps reduce  the risk of  diseases of both heart and our circulatory systems, while the latter slows down and helps neutralize the effect of chemicals in the environment that react with and damage body cells. This points to a need for consumption of fresh extra-virgin olive oil to help to slow down skin ageing and increase longevity.

Europe may have given us olives, but I don’t see the need for South Africans to stock their kitchens with imported oil when we now produce olive oil that is not only as good as their top oils, but far superior to most of the imports found in our supermarkets.

It would be difficult to find a better gift than a bottle of this gourmet oil, and – given its very acceptable price – it makes most affordable presents.  Congrats to Le Chasseur, and long may their future harvests yield olives as good as their first."